Rebecca Gunson

Dance Therapist.

This Woman is a artistic magician! She has a gift of capturing moments of magic, those spaces in between, seeing the unseen.

My experience of working with Mili has been

professional and pleasurable.

I have complete trust in her and her ability to read what is needed for the intention of showcasing particular themes to be shared.

I've worked with Mili numerous times on my Feminine Arts journeys and the photos that came through people were in awe of. Women felt beautiful and empowered with the way she captured their essence. 

Thank you Mili

Ellen Kingston & Mike Peebles

Bride & Groom at Mudbrick Vineyard.

“Mili was an incredible part of our day and we could not have asked for a more perfect photographer.

Mike and I asked for lots of candid photos of us and all our guests, we wanted the photos of our wedding to capture the essence of our day filled with all the joy, laughter and emotion that

comprises the best day of your lives.

Mili delivered this so so perfectly! We now have a collection of photos that we will treasure forever and cannot thank Mili enough!! She so seamlessly fitted into our day and has captured all the little moments, love and beautiful memories better than we ever imagined.

Thank you Mili!”.

Diana & Khaian

mum - maternity shoot.

"Mili was a calm and grounding energy for me in a scenario where I was not naturally comfortable. Without her reassuring and gentle presence I would not have gone through with a prenatal photo session and I would have missed out on a truly beautiful experience and lifelong memories.

She perfectly captured intimate moments in exactly the way I had envisioned. I am truly grateful to her for her talent and intuitive grace that she used to create the most gorgeous photographic images.

I highly recommend her to anyone wanting any kind of photography session".

Kashmir & Myka

couple & maternity shoot.

"It was such a pleasure having Mili take photos of such a

significant milestone in our journey.

We felt relaxed, calm and confident around her due to her encouraging words and easeful approach.

The photos turned out better than we could have ever imagined!

Thank you Mili".

Fernando Gru

sundance - music events.

"Mili brings vibrant, playful photography that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Sundance, our event on Waiheke Island.

She captures the essence of the festival -

the joy, energy, and fun - with remarkable skill.

Mili's consistent prompt delivery of galleries allows us to relive and share the magic of Sundance

with our audience almost instantly.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with her for many more events to come."

Vitaco Limited

coorporate shoot at batch Vineyard.

"Mili, thank you so much for the wonderful photos and

your fantastic work!

The photos took me right back to the day of our activity

and awards dinner.

So pleased you were there to capture our special moments.

You are so great to work with,

I’ll be in touch for our next event.

Well done Mili".

Katie Luke

branding shoot for the red thread.

"My photoshoot with Mili was about so much more than getting photos for my business/website; it was a journey of self-discovery and a step towards greater self-love and body positivity.

I’ve never considered myself photogenic and normally

would shy away from the camera, but Mili's warmth and professionalism made me feel not only completely at ease but not wanting the photoshoot to end.

Mili captured the essence of who I am and what I needed, while making me feel comfortable and confident. The entire experience was empowering and uplifting, and I am so thrilled with the photos. Thank you Mili for helping me embrace and love my self more deeply, and for making this an unforgettable experience".

Evie Comber

singer & songwriter.

“You know that quote that says "dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening"?

Mili has an ability to almost shapeshift between an unconditionally loving, supportive presence, and merging with the environment to enable you to access parts of your being so dear that maybe you haven't even brought to the surface yet in your own expression.

She becomes a gatekeeper of safety, holding space for a deep dive into your expansion, and her playfulness invites you to also play with your thresholds and empowers you to step into fulness!”.

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